Saturday, January 01, 2011

Self-Imposed Sock Club 2011

1) January/February- Why on earth did I ever put these A-Door-A-Bell socks in Siberia?! This
morning I put together my first two sock assignments. Pattern: COTY by IrishgirlieKnits. I can't remember which yarn I used but it feels just like buttahhh! Yum Yum... Given that the 1st sock is 1/2 done; I see no reason why I won't have these complete by the end of February!2) March/April -Setting myself up to succeed.... Can you believe that these have been in hibernation for longer than I can remember. It is my favorite Classic Sock pattern using Berrocco (I think) sock yarn. At LEAST two years ago (probably more) I learned to knit socks on 2 circulars... it's nice to know how, but I admit I prefer dpns hands down. Either way with once COMPLETE and its mate just about at the 1/2 mark, I'm thinkin' I will have 2 of my 6 pair complete come Aprils end.
Next up... yes its another hat! Over a year ago I started knitting my son a Log Cabin blanket. I am on square 4 out of 9 (not including the border) it was supposed to be for him to take away to college this past September. Then I figured he'd have it for Christmas (its not that I don't like it I just don't like knitting it... it is painfully boring! endless garter stitch). So when he mentioned a few weeks back ,"hey ma, am I still getting that blanket"!!! UGH the stabbing wound to my heart and searing shot of guilt that coarsed through my veins caused me to cast on something that I know he loves... Handknit hats! and a promise that his blanket will be ready when he goes in September for sophmore year! (bad photo-don't quite know what happened to this one)
It's done and he loves it! To top it off when I asked him if he was upset about the blanket not being done he says... no its okay, I don't need it. It would just be nice to have! UGH