Saturday, June 05, 2010

Berrocco makes a great WEEKEND

Couldn't resist sharing the fabulous Clematis that
bloomed on my deck this week! Ahhhh the sweet
signs of summer!

and yes this is yet another new project I recently cast on.
The pattern is Banderilla by Susan Mills.

But ALERT the media!!!! I finished my Napolean!

Knit with Berrocco Weekend.

Darling daughter makes me smile!


Not getting calls from too many producers or agencies any
time soon!

but who cares!!

I think it's a reason to celebrate!


Lorraine said...

Michelle- That is Hollywood's loss, because you look FAB!

Kym said...

Oh! Really cute! You look great! (And that clematis is WONderful!)

Donna said...

That's so cool, good for you!