Tuesday, April 27, 2010

GOALS ~ Numero Uno

As mentioned in previous post... I am setting a goal for myself. ONE finished project each month that is knit from my mulit-million $ stash including UFO's!
Here is GOAL #1 (My Goal for MAY)
Berroco Napoleon
Knit with Berroco Weekend (technically it is from my stash although it is a relatively NEW arrival 4/17). . . but still
I cast-on, knit the back, cast-off and ulitmately R_I_P_P_E_D the entire thing out after I realized it was too large. Now I shoulda known better. My yarn shop had a sample. I tried it on. It "fit". They told me it fit. They told me not to go up a size. But NO! I know it ALL! I thought hmmm... it was just a smidge too snug for my comfort level (I'm not 18 anymore). So I decided to knit a size up. What is wrong with pattern makers??? Isn't the next logical chest measurement after at 36 a 38? Why do patterns jump from a 36 to a 40 inch chest?
As I said, I shoulda known better... especially when I GOT PERFECT GAUGE! but anyhooo
It was too big. I frogged it! So I am committed to completing this item for myself by May 31st.
Go ME!


Lorraine said...

Michelle- I always do that too.

Maybe we're not as big as we think we are?

Kym said...

Gosh, that color is GREAT!

Brigitte said...

I am AWFUL for doing that. Only I think the boobs can fit in a size smaller than they're willing to fit into to. Not a 36 anymore...not a 36.

Linda said...

On the bright side, you weren't knitting it in the round, so you had half as much to frog as I ususally do. LOL.

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