Saturday, January 09, 2010

Some of us...

Some of us are starting off 2010 the same way we ended up 2009....
Living the good life! He ain't foolin' noone; he's got his eye on me.

Some of us are heading into 2010 armed with the latest technologies....
Meet my Kindle; I AM IN LOVE! I am such a geek.

Some of us are sporting more B*L*I*N*G!

Ahhh ~ the beauty of a flat 15 year old tummy!
and some of us are beginning 2010 knitting with a vengence! Not that some of us didn't end 2009 knitting with a vengence!!
Things are progressing; what a fun knit!
Here's a quickie FO... Can't remember the pattern but it's just a little something.
Now if only the chin/neck were as firm/tight as the 15 year old tummy. I'd be knitting thongs instead of neckwarmers/a.k.a neck COVERS!!!

Can someone out there help me "Spiff Up" my blog
a little? I used to have "The Blogs I Love to Visit" on the
sidebar~ it disappeared. I've tried more times than I care to
admit and simply have no idea what I'm doing :(


Brigitte said...

Hi Michelle! If you go into the Blogger Dashboard for your blog, go to "Settings", choose the "Layout" tab, click on "Add a Gadget", and then scroll down to "Blog List". It'll take you to a section where you can add links, such as blogs you read!

Hope this helps!

Lorraine said...

Michelle-Blogger has made it easier to set up and edit things.

Others, not so much. oooh a belly piercing- it looks painful.

Kym said...

I'm with you on the neck-cover-uppers! Those look great!