Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Size does matter

Ladies.... Check your gauge!

A little update on the happenings around here. Not a whole lot going on since back-to-school in this household ALSO means back-to-work for me.
Therefore it is immensley frustrating when I totally screw up! Know I am screwing up! And yet contue to knit until the item is finished so that I can VERIFY that I screwed up, photograph the screw up, and blog about it. Sick, no?!
It happens when you don't take the time to knit a swatch and check your gauge.


Lorraine said...

Michelle- We've all been there, many, many times.

Brigitte said...

Oh no! As Lorraine said - we've all been there, and I just finished trashing a pair of socks because I thought eyeballing the gauge was good enough... :(

Kym said...

I hate it when that happens. (And, unfortunately, it happens to me. . . well, a little too often.) Live and learn. . . and learn. . . and learn. . . and learn (etc) is what I always say! :-)