Friday, July 10, 2009

Painful & Pitiful Post

For lack of a friggin' camera that works worth a crap.... I give you the 2nd in my FOs.... dishrag #2! Thanks to Sally & Susan for putting the bee in my bonnet, aka , I now have 2 new items which I can use as I go about the never-ending, mundane daily task of cleaning up after the slobs that I live with!So in order to appease myself and bring out the inner teenie-bopper in me... I share with you some of my favorite eye candy. I just completed book four in the Twilight series and am simply ga ga over ..... EDWARD!


Marina said...

I'm ignoring That Thing ;-)

Are you going to be ready to resurrect Persian Tiles later in the year? Early next year?

Lorraine said...

Michelle- Slobs- yes.

I haven't gotten into Twilight but it's good eye candy.

Kym said...

Well, the luxury of handknit dishcloths might help you feel special despite the slobs! It helps me. . . ;-)

Carol said...

Yay!!! She found the cotton! Looks great♥Have you seen the movie?