Thursday, July 23, 2009

Not necessarily in this order...

It has been quite 'EVENTFUL" around here.
Yesterday we came home to this...
Our glass shower stall was shattered into a million little pieces.

I guess we were lucky no one was in it at the time!

On Saturday it literally rained ice cubes in New Jersey. We had a bit of a .... tornado?!

I guess we were lucky we weren't having a cook out.

Last week I took my newly turned 17yr old son for his 1st tattoo.
I guess we are lucky he has good taste?!

This is the current basket of wip's that sits in my kitchen and calls out to me throughout the day.

I guess I am lucky it is a Longaberger basket!

This is one of my current wips. It is taking FOREVER TO KNIT! The pattern is from ella rae and it is knit with Happy Feet sock yarn on size 4 needles. This is the back.
I guess I am lucky I am knitting a size medium and not an extra large?!

This is my empty dining room china closet. See the dust so thick you can make snowballs with it? It has been more years than I dare to admit/remember since I emptied that sucker and cleaned it out...china and all. I will post a pic of the finished project shortly. I forgot how nice it looks when you can see the glass.
I guess I'm lucky it rained ice cubes this week and I can make snowballs to go with them!


Brigitte said...

Oh no! How did that happen?? It is a good thing no one was in the shower at the time.

We've been getting some pretty intense storms here too - it rained so hard on Saturday rain was GUSHING out of the rain spout at the side of the house.

Your WIP basket is nothin' girl! You should see my WIP BOX! Heh...

Lorraine said...

Michelle- Did it just shatter randomly?

Ohhh- your son doesn't know how lucky he is to have such a supportive mom- I lost it when Laura wanted a nose piercing.

I cleaned out my hutch- took me a week.

Carol said...

This has to be a record! OMG!