Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pomp & Circumstance....

My little girl is going to high school! 8th grade graduate ~ you go sweetie! I wonder if the fact that her big brother will be a senior is a pro or a con?!
Here you see the start of a wonderful little number knit out of "Happy Feet" sock yarn.

And here is the BLOB update... one more hexagon, wash, felt, dry and it will be el' complete!
Spike thinks that is great news!


Lorraine said...

Michelle- Your girl is gorgeous- just like you!

It's a great thing to have an older brother to keep an eye on things.

Marina said...

Yay! Smart & pretty! Must take after her mum ;-) I would pay him to keep the boys away!

LOL, Spike looks like he's amiling.