Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Juggler

I have come to know (not necessarily understand) but to know myself as a knitter pretty well lately. I am 100% accurate in stating that I will NEVER be a One-Man-Band! There are just not enough knitting hours in the day and there are too many fantastically fabulous patterns, yarns, and projects, to limit myself in such a hideously inhumane way. Hell I can't stay within' my calorie limits for 24hrs most days... in the will power department, I am sorely lacking.

My stash can rival most small town knitting shops and my WIPs greatly exceed the single digits but I have come up with a plan that I think will make me feel most productive, oganized, and be fullfilling. I will become a 3-way juggler. At any and all given moments... I will have 3 current projects that I will happily rotate daily, hourly, minute/by/minute....whatever the mood of the moment! The ongoing rotation will always consist of: a sock project, a scarf/shawl project; and a top of some sort. Substitutions may occur by replacing the FINISHED scarf/shawl slot with a bag/purse project etc. I am most happy when I am knitting and I am a multi-tasker... but I am sad to confess that I have VERY few finished items because I tend to jump ship before the iceburg approaches... therefore in order to quench my thirst to cast on and satisfy my yen for finished items I am implementing the menage a trois of knitting into my life.See what a few days of few days of R&R in the island sun can do for the psyche?!

and here's a shot of the current 3! Notice there are two socks in progress ~ one is the mate to the previously knit sock and one is the 1st of a new set (see my plan is already evolving), the gorgeous gold is the beginnings of the Featherweight Cardigan from designed by Hannah Fettig, and last but certainly not least the funktastic multicolored skein is soon to be Clapotis from So there you have it I figure I am covering all bases ~ cardigan, socks, and shawl.... Go Me!


Marina said...

Three projects work well for me too.

Good thing there's no knitting police and if you stray, there's no one to report you too! When will it be Persian Tile's turn?

Lorraine said...

Michelle- Sounds like a plan- whatever works is good.

Looks like you had a great holiday.

Brigitte said...

See, I completely agree with that plan! I always have at least 3 that rotate - 2 relatively simple for during the week, and a more complex one for weekend knitting. Oh, and a few others thrown in for good measure. Just because.

Glad to hear you had a great holiday!