Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finished Project #2 ~ and it's only January!

Well lookee here...I know its a streeeeetch calling a pair of fingerless gloves an official F/O but I just love them! The pattern ~ The Fingerless Gloves of Kathy's Brass Quintet ~ knit with Rowan Cocoon ~ and that is exactly what my mangy, man-hands feel like when they are in them, wrapped in a comfy, cozy coccon. (pardon the extreme man-hand appearance but I am in the recovery process of the dreaded removal of acryllic nails ~UGH!)
Spike says my mitts ain't got nothin' over his paws!


Lorraine said...

Michelle- Lovely mitts- you should see my hands, ugh!

I love the little hearts on Spike's door.

Marina said...

Oh my, you're on a roll! I had better take this knitting seriously if I don't want to be left behind.

They look great. So, what's next?

Brigitte said...

My hands are a wreck too - heating and hard water, ick!

I think they do qualify as the perfect FO - they do look great! And warm too. :D

Spike, LOL. I nearly called Gandalf "Spike".