Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My eyes are bigger than my pocketbook!

Nothing like travel time to justify a GINORMOUS yarn purchase! It's funny that every time I travel I get the warped sense of how much knitting I am capable of doing in a 4-day time span.
This is "the" scarf that the Harlot has been touting on her blog
~ had to have it~had to knit it!~and I am loving it! It's knit alternating 2 different shades of Noro ~nice!

If Harry (my hubbo) asks "this is not MY yarn"! Take a gander at the extent of my illness. You cannot imagine my stash... It would give my friend Brigitte a run for her money. I have big brass ones making a purchase like this but what the hey?!

First things first, my son requested another hat so that was my plane knitting while beginning book #1 Twilight (I know I'm a late bloomer)

And here we have a 1/2 way completed baby cardigan (no baby in mind) believe it or not I've decided to do some baby projects here and there to either A) have on hand when I need a baby shower gift, or B) begin a hope chest for the day I become a granny (none too soon mind you ~ my kids are 16 & 14) but I'm a slow knitter :)


Lorraine said...

Michelle- A grandmother? With all due respect, are ya nuts? You're way too hip and happening to even think of that.

So, let's see your stash, photographed on Ravelry.

Marina said...

Granny? Is that what you want to be called? Cross my fingers that, that's something I don't have to think about for the next 10-20 years!

Stash? You want to see stash? This is ~80% of the "downstairs stash" :

Sport & DK
Worsted & Aran
for Fair Isle

Marina said...

Just in case ... check your "in box" and spam/junk folder. I sent you 2 emails this morning (11/28/2008).

Brigitte said...

*sniff* I'm so proud of you Michelle!


Carol said...

So it's wrong to buy yarn when there's no place to put it? Can't be! Little miss prepared. Grandkids already well knit for ~ be that way!

Nora said...

I can spot some gorgeous grey skeins in the top left hand corner...!

Brenda said...

I love the colors of your scarf using two different colors of Noro yarn. Can you tell me what the numbers or colors were called? I believe one of the colors might be Noro Kureyon #150 but I am not sure. Any help would be so appreciated.