Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm back with a vengence!

Let me start by sending a big fat hug and a hardy kiss to my very sweet, generous, and totally fantabulous friend Lorraine!

AW shucks, blush, blush...


and did I mentions thanks?!

Next is my pick-me-up purchase. Aren't these flowers beautiful?! A little gift I bought myself in lieu of self-medicating (teenagers~need I say more)?!

And finally, a finished item, and one I've worn half a dozen times... MEET Juliette! ain't she sweet?!


Marina said...

Hope you're here to stay! The flowers are gorgeous. I want a Fair Isle in those colours.

Lorraine must be some kind of superwoman or she has some magic pills. I don't know how she manages to have two teens and still have all her hair ;-) Just as I was ready to go to the nut house, I got rid of one kid but the other just became a teen.

Lorraine said...

Michelle- Keep a sense of humour- that's my advice.

You should have flowers every day- and I hope you post at least once a week. We need to have more Michelle time.

Carol said...

Yes! What they said! I hope that gorgeous knit is for you.