Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My eyes are bigger than my pocketbook!

Nothing like travel time to justify a GINORMOUS yarn purchase! It's funny that every time I travel I get the warped sense of how much knitting I am capable of doing in a 4-day time span.
This is "the" scarf that the Harlot has been touting on her blog
~ had to have it~had to knit it!~and I am loving it! It's knit alternating 2 different shades of Noro ~nice!

If Harry (my hubbo) asks "this is not MY yarn"! Take a gander at the extent of my illness. You cannot imagine my stash... It would give my friend Brigitte a run for her money. I have big brass ones making a purchase like this but what the hey?!

First things first, my son requested another hat so that was my plane knitting while beginning book #1 Twilight (I know I'm a late bloomer)

And here we have a 1/2 way completed baby cardigan (no baby in mind) believe it or not I've decided to do some baby projects here and there to either A) have on hand when I need a baby shower gift, or B) begin a hope chest for the day I become a granny (none too soon mind you ~ my kids are 16 & 14) but I'm a slow knitter :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm back with a vengence!

Let me start by sending a big fat hug and a hardy kiss to my very sweet, generous, and totally fantabulous friend Lorraine!

AW shucks, blush, blush...


and did I mentions thanks?!

Next is my pick-me-up purchase. Aren't these flowers beautiful?! A little gift I bought myself in lieu of self-medicating (teenagers~need I say more)?!

And finally, a finished item, and one I've worn half a dozen times... MEET Juliette! ain't she sweet?!