Saturday, September 06, 2008

Somebody Loves Me!

Button, button, who's got the button
.... I have a new hobby/mission/obsession. Not one that I will necessarily plan or schedule, but one that will become a part of my hording/stashing/collecting.... it's buttons. Buttons (as do handbags, jewelry & shoes) can make or break an outfit. Like Romeo, these babies will soon find themselves attached to Juliette.

Meet Juliette!
What should've been a "Knitting 101 ~ No Brainer" took 3, yes I said THREE, times to get right. I initially cast on and knit myself silly. Until I realized that I had cast on the incorrect number of stitches. 24 hours of basically uninteruppted, bedside, hospital chair knitting, went straight down the crapper.
Next attempt, knit to almost completion... started button shopping, found buttons at LYS, tried her on to get opinions on button placement,
too friggin small!!!!!!!!
Had I not been at my LYS and had Harriet not volunteered to r.i.p ~ let's just say I would've permanetly laid that girl to rest. Anyhow she's done (save for the buttons & loops). I'll post a modeling pic when I get my roots done.
Other WIP (One of Way too Many)! Is the Market Square Bag. I bought a boatload of Cascade 220 thinking I'd make the Great American Afghan. It's been sitting in the stash forever. Meantime I wanted to do the Market Square Bag ~ so I used what I had "in stash" CAN YOU BElieve IT?! I intend to use leather handles and line with fabric once its felted.

Finally LOOKIE here...........
see what I got?! It's a REAL, HONORARY, AWARD from my friend Lorraine Lorraine, even though I've been a bad blogger and
"let myself go" you've stood by me better than any woman stands by a two-timin' man AND I can't thank you enough. This blue ribbon came just at the right time! Thanks friend ~ I needed that!
Now here's what you have to do...
The rules are 1: Post the award on your blog. 2: Add a link to the person who awarded you. 3: Nominate at least 4 others. 4: Leave a comment on their blog so they can pass it on.
(I'm guessing I can't nominate the one who nominated me, but you know I would) so here's my nominees...
1. Carol ~ A rare gem "true blue and hard to find". She was my first bloggin' buddy and has helped me in more ways than one.
2. Susanne and Sally ~ Don't have a sister so I can live vicariously through their relationship. Continually provide incredible, inspirational, knits that I always want to emulate and are more than generous in sharing, helping, and responding. They make me want to be a better knitter.
3. Nora ~ simple, elegant, soft spoken, classic, pure, and kind (both Nora and her knitting).
4. Brigitte ~ I could see myself hanging out with you!
5. Marina ~ Whips out fair isle faster than I can whip out a batch of cutout cookies! You rock girl! I wanna be you when I grow up.
6. Anne Kind, creative, and extremey talented! Keeps my queue full :)
K Lorraine.... mission accomplished ;


Carol said...

Aw, you made my day! I'm gonna snap a few shots to prove I've been knitting. Juliette is amazing! Wowza woman! You crack me up, modelled shots when you die your roots ~snort~

Brigitte said...

Awwww! Thanks! *blushing* Heh, when I read the comment about needing to get your roots done? Yup, I nodded in total agreement. I would be the same way. And of course, the jewelry, handbag and shoes comment making or breaking an outfit. Yup. Been there.


Lorraine said...

Michelle- I feel your pain, buttons are really hard to find.

Boy, you shopped the stash, and used the word "crapper" all in one post. Being a plumber's daughter, I love a good toilet euphemism.

Get your roots done and give us a pic.

Anonymous said...

OOps typo! Marina's url should be: