Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time flies .... whether you're having fun ~ or not

and yes.... I did have fun. Meet my new friend Iggy.
Blue skies and 80 degree sunny days helped to keep two kids entertained (for the most part).
Wild apples bohus is on hiatus with a group of pairs (aka~pears)! Ilove knitting on her but it's a tad too wintery/fallish for the moment. We will resume our affair shortly.
My latest WIP (one of 432,209) but hey who's counting?! Is the Hydrangea Shawl by Jade Sapphire (Bad Cat designs). I'm using a yummy blend of cashmere and silk (nice summer knitting)!
Kudos and once again MANY thanks to the one and only Not only have I been saved on more than one occasion by their wonderfully fabulous suggestion of using a "lifeline". Girls.... I could just kiss you xoxox
But I also won the totally cool, really to-die-for, awesome Rainey Sisters Mug! You girls are da'bomb!


Brigitte said...

Coool mug!

Um, Iggy lives where?

Your Wild Apple Bohus is going to be so wonderful when it's done!

Lorraine said...

Michelle- How come every one seems to have a Rainey Sisters mug? Huh?

First Jewel, and now you.


Marina said...

Visitor or addition to the family?

Every day is a good day to knit sweaters ;-) But I'm glad I didn't have to turn on the AC to make it more comfortable.

Carol said...

Where were you?

Lorraine said...

Tag- you're it! See my blog.

Nora said...

Hi hun. Did you decide to continue blogging?? YAY!!!

Romi said...

Come back, come back!!!

lv2knit said...

Baby Surprise jacket!!