Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm still standing... barely

Yup here I am.... still alive and kickin' (but just barely)! It has surely been a rough couple a weeks but there has been some good....
These beautiful tulips for Valentine's Day!
And finished sock! Yeah! Finished socks are good!

Yessiree finished socks are good..... Nine days of no telephone service, no internet service, 4,290,002 calls (from my cell phone!), 2,309,908 minutes on hold, 2,390,980 talking to computers, and 334 minutes talking to incompetent Verizon employees.... not good! Having to take an incomplete due to inability to complete and post online final project.... not good! Having to drop new class due to lack of internet and paying $224 penalty... not good! Dealing with 13 year old who has been home sick with mono for 3 weeks.... not good! And let's just say a 15 year old who has arrived at the point in time where... he knows it all!..... not good!
But finished socks are good!


Carol said...

Are those new glasses? You look fabulous! Socks too! So what's happening up there?

Marina said...

I feel for you gf! At least, you look wonderful through it all ;-)

Socks are great but it's time for some major pampering ... time to break out the Bohus!

Lorraine said...

Michelle- OMG- isn't technology horrible sometimes?

I agree with Marina- a Bohus is what is called for! (hugs)

Teenagers- I love 'em, but ugh!

Brigitte said...

Oh...ew. :(

Technology blows. So does puberty.

Think good knitting thoughts! And *hugs*!

Nora said...

You look beautiful! So lovely to "see" you. :)

Rebekah said...

What beautiful tulips. Much better then the traditional roeses.

And cute socks!