Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lights ~ Cameras ~ Action!

A severe spending spree hit me two days before take-0ff. Now, common sense tells me I am only going to be away for 4 days ~ Really just a total of 7 flying hours. Flying hours in which I am under the over-sedated influence of Dramamine. However as many of you can understand I had to have enough knitting with me. And it had to be a good enough selection to settle me. S0 after two visits to a terrific LYS $233 one day and $50 the next, I felt ready to travel. What did I wind up knitting? Three hats 1 for hubbo and~ 2 for my son... all in all ~ God just did not make enough hours in a knitter's day!

Anyhoooooo now that I am home and I need to do schoolwork, cook, clean, wash the never-ending mounds of clothes, do schoolwork, holiday shopping (UGH!), do schoolwork, and prepare for 1) colonoscopy on Tuesday ~ prep. on Monday (more info than you needed) and 2) prepare for a Longaberger demonstration I am hosting on Friday evening for 30-35ish friends w/dinner .... I will be bagging up the rest of my haul and adding it to my stash-er-ino. But man-o-man wait til' you see how BEAUTIFUL the bag I will knit with the tilli thomas orange satin lining I bought is going to be.


Marina said...

Not to worry, I spent nearly as much in the last few days and I'm not going anywhere ;-) "The Sheep's in the Meadow .." is adorable! Will it be ready this year?

You're such a tease! It would be nice to have a better look at the second pic.

Carol said...

OK, so now I don't feel bad about yesterday's trip to the LYS. Love the new hats! I admire you for being well packed on your trip, must maintain priorities ya know!

Nora said...

Cool hats! You look great. Good luck with the colonoscopy [and the prepping, which is worse than the actual procedure].

Brigitte said...

Oh, you can never have too much yarn! Good for you, I say!

(Um, about the procedure you're gonna have... If you end up having to drink the stuff I did for mine in September... All I can say is UGH!)

Lorraine said...

Did your son model under duress? I've gotten very good at bribing the teenage units.

If you're lucky, you'll sleep through the "procedure".