Thursday, October 25, 2007

God Bless My Grimerie!

Let me start off by sending out a bit fat raspberry........ to my fresh friend Carol for being such a smarty pants cause she's just soooooooo cool cause it took her 24 yes thats twenty-four days to make a blog post.
Good thing I reaaaally do like her or else "poof" I'd have to take out the old Grimmery and turn her into a chibi!

Now last I left off I quite bravely admitted that I am less than perfect as human standards go since (one of the main things) I suffer from is KADD. I blogged around and all the cures for this ailment sounded like rubbish so I found a great remedy...
Go out and spend $225 on unneeded but much wanted new wip's!

I cannot in any way shape or form justify this spending.
My bad!

Now on to a much more serious note. My poor babes got attacked my the big old moth()*& fu#$$in dog (german shepard mix) down the street. Spike and I were doing our usual walk that we've done a kabizillion times before and up from behind comes Bear (named appropriately!
By the time my screams were heard by the owner and all was said and done he had 4 nasty bites :(
I can't tell you how my heart broke. He was shaking like he had Parkinson's and has been pretty traumatized by the whole event. He barely leaves my side.
Well... I'm off to dust off my Grimmery so I can conjure up a spell to turn that dirty bast()&d dog down the street into a Colonial Rosewood DPN~ then I'll snap it!


Carol said...

OMG! Poor Spike, I do hope the neighbor is paying for any bills that come from this. Are there leash laws there? What a terrible thing to happen, I so wish I could bring goodies to Spike to lift his spirits. We'll discuss the Grimerie Rapsberries when Spike feels better K?

Marina said...

That's awful! What was Bear doing out on his own? Hope Spike gets better soon.

Oiy! I can't see the books and yarn in the second picture.

Anyway, I heart you! I was reading the answers to "how much do you spend on yarn per month" on Ravelry and thinking that some of those people don't know how to spend money!

Nora said...

Oh, poor little Spike!! How is he, Michelle?

Brigitte said...

Oh no! Poor baby Spike... I hope he'll recover soon, little baby!

There is NOTHING better than a little retail therapy to cure the ills of KADD.

Lorraine said...

Poor Spike- was the other dog on a leash- I'd be calling animal control.

The only thing to do is buy more yarn- and it's not for amateurs- clearly, you are in the professional leagues!

Rebekah said...

Oh that is horrible about Spike! I hope he feels better soon.

Oh I wish people would quit showing books, I already have over 300, and I keep buying them like they are going out of style!

Romi said...

I *totally* have KADD too.

And your poor puppy dog! I hope all is better now.