Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So much to say, so little time...
So recovery? slow and steady. Katrillions better that days 1,2, & 3! Holy crap is all I can say! The staples will come out on Friday and we'll take a looksee at the old foot ~ iwwwwwwww!
So, drugged up on hydromorphone and barely able to find comfort for any length of time, I digently worked on my 2,000 word final and powerpoint which was due Sunday, post surgery. Had 1800 words done by Sat. evening... the end in sight... and dozed on the button and DELETED THE WHOLE THING WITHOUT SAVING IT!!! DID YOU HEAR ME!!! When I tell you I sobbed ~buckets~for hours~and hours~... no final, no credit, retake an $800 class and waste 9 more (valuable knitting time) weeks of my life. Can you feel my pain? So Sunday at 6a.m sucked it up and blindly typed up god only knows what, so I had something to submit by midnight. It's been a tough week. So on to knitting... hasn't been a whole helluva lot. I've actually just started knitting again over the last day or two. That'll prove I was out of it.
Started 2nd 1/2 of the summer tank. I vow not to post another photo until I am wearing it.
Next up! The Rainey Sisters are by far one of THE most talented pair of knitters I have ever come across. This is Susan Rainey's beaded amulet bag pattern and it was one fun knit! I did it in the car while heading to Boston and finished on the return drive. Thanks Susanne! (Hey, if you take dramamine and keep facing forward without looking down ~ you can knit without getting carsick... who knew?


lv2knit said...

OMG! I'm as proud as a mother hen re: the beaded amulet bag! It is darling -- you did a wonderful job!

The dozing on the keyboard is one of the saddest tales of woe I have heard in a long time. I am crying in my brewski for ya!

Carol said...

OMG! You're supposed to fall asleep on the save key! You poor baby! I wish I could be there to do all the yucky stuff so all you have to is knit and tell me to fetch your dinner. You can still show your tank ya know, I'd love to see the progress and your amulet bag is gorgeous!

Brigitte said...

Oh no! Guess the auto-save wasn't on...? Eeeep! :(

Ugh, I really hope you're more mobile soon.

Lorette said...

I'm glad to hear that your foot is better. But the deleted project! I'd have said some seriously bad words.
I get a bit carsick when knitting in the car, too. Keeping the project simple so I don't have to look at it nonstop helps.

Lorraine said...

So sorry about your computer blip- it shows we rely way too much on machines.

Your amulet bag is stunning! I don't know whether I'd have the patience to make one-
quite quite lovely!

Rebekah said...

Oh that's horrible! I feel so badly for you. sometimes I swear technology, while it does save us time, can also cause us bigger problems. no one ever lost a whole document typed by a typewriter. Well except maybe by fire

Nora said...

Oh NOOOOO Michelle. NOOOOO!!!
You poor, poor baby. I feel like coming over and giving you a great, big hug... and a great, big glass of some type of alcoholic beverage [to y'know, numb the pain]!

PS: If you use WORD, make sure the AUTO-SAVE feature is always ON - do it now!