Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Take a look....
Notice anything amiss?!

Notice the wonderful stars & stripes of this jim friggin' dandy
self-striping yarn?!
Well then, what the ??XXX## is this!

Believe me I am all about the subtle variations in self striping yarn.
I understand the specks of blue scattered throughout, that really
shouldn't be there, but what is this mess?!! Red the shade of blood,
and where's the patterning?! I am soooooo totally pissed. If I was
intuitive enough to have saved the wrapper believe me, I'd be on the
horn with the damn company asap! Of course I have no idea which company
it is, nor which yarn it is, nor where I bought it. Friggin' brain is shot! So...
I came here to vent. Patriotism, bah humbug!


Carol said...


Wendy said...

It looks like I might end up pisses too! I bought this yarn at the end of last summer and thought I make socks closer to this years 4th of july. Here is the wrapper info: Schoeller and Stahl
Fortissima colori
Socka color/ stars and
Their website is
I got mine through Astridsobsession.
Hope this is helpful!

Marina said...

That's why you need to knit Fair Isle! You get the colours in the just the places you want it to appear ;-)

Rebekah said...

Oh my, I'd be really unhappy too.