Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shame~Shame~Shame....Shame on Me!

Wow! Once again I am certain I made a wonderful decision by jumping on the http://wendyknits.net/stash2007.htm bandwagon. I am quite sure that when I purchased most of these little lovies, I was quite enamored with them. I don't know what happens from the "can't live without ya" on the LYS shelf, to the "stick it in a rubbermaid" once it enters the home.
The challenge has certainly helped me put things into perspective & by its end, I hope to diminish this pile.... substantially. But I have made some exceptions; sock yarn of course.... and some purchases from http://www.rosiesyarncellar.com/ Shame ~ Shame ~ Shame!

p.s Did I mention how much I detest novelty yarn? Ugh! Give me wonderful wool anytime. Taste
certainly does refine with age.


Sweet Stitching Betties said...

So what's wrong with having all that yarn?


OMG!!! Yarn everywhere!!

I love your Burberry scarf - I have the same one! x


Rebekah said...

Oh t hat's nothing, if you feel guilty just go over to my blog and check out my earlier this month stash pile. You'll feel great!

But I do understand thus the reason I have got to quit buying yarn.