Wednesday, February 28, 2007

7 Day Itch...

Ahhh... to feel like a human again! Day 7 and I finally
feel good.
I can't begin to tell you what I've been lookin' like lately.
It's good to be up, showered, and ready to roll. Back to work tomorrow.
I feel like I've been through the mill a few times, for sure.
Above are my current socks in progress. I am committed
to always & forever more, having continual socks in progress.
a knit for my daughter, which BTW I have 31 days to complete.
She asked me to finish in time for vacation, the goal is set..

The yarn is Rowan Classic Shades, Cashsoft DK.
It feels like butter. The pattern is from "Knitting loves Crochet".
It's a cutie!


Lorette said...

Glad you're finally feeling better!
Pretty that Trekking? I love the color.

Carol said...

Nice socks girl! I see M is gonna have a nice new addition to her wardrobe! Knit mamma knit!

lv2knit said...

I love the pattern for your daughter! You'll get it done: 1) you are motivated by a deadline and a 2) it's for your daughter. That always inspires me!!


Love the socks Michelle.