Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stickin' To My Guns!

Yessireebob that's exactly what I'm gonna do...
I'm stickin' to my guns. I was very gung ho... when I took the pledge, made the committment, accepted the challenge. inspired me... actually, it was more like a whack in the head with a brick... almost getting permission (if that makes sense).
Knitting from my stash for 9 months. Certainly do-able. I can knit from my stash for 9 years. It's the discipline aspect that I am striving for. At the ripe-old-age of 44, I need to be able to set my mind to something... and follow it through.
Now mind you I am in the midst of attending college...
Watch me work...
See the computer? See the reading material? See what I'm doing? Yup, that's me working on my latest Philosophy assignment. Tee Hee!! Hope my professor doesn't read knitting blogs.
Anyway... stickin' to my guns
I almost jumped ship
when I read Rebekah's challenge... Damn! why didn't I see that one first?!
Believe me, if I would have, I'd a hopped on that freight train real quick.
Then I thought, uh uh uh hear I go, just like the old messed up the diet today start again tomorrow routine. Anyone familiar with that one? I'm an expert.
I thought.... new year... new me... nope... I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna knit from my stash until October 1st 2007 (Superbowl Sunday excluded- it's my "get out of jail free day). I'm using up the old (which is not so old and quite lovely) and making room for the new! Maybe the same philosophy will work for my diet. Use up the old calories and make room for a new wardrobe?!


Rebekah said...

Good for you! You can do it. And won't October be fun!


Michelle, that's exactly how I look!! With the laptop on my desk and the knitting in my hands - as I work away on my assignments (or catching up on my knitting blogs)!

Is that the Phildar thingy you're working on btw??

Bridget said...

Go Michelle! I'm trying the same thing, and so far, so good.

Except I do occasionally really forget, and think to myself, "maybe I'll look at some ___ yarn to buy ..."

Here's hoping that we can both stay on the wagon. :-)

Carol said...

I.Am.Trying.Really.Hard.Is it October yet? I'm in on Rebekah's and Wendy's too. We can do this!
Can we?