Friday, January 05, 2007

Smile & Say Cheese!

New Years Resolutions!
First and foremost.... I post this photo (obviously not out of vanity!) but much to my chagrin, I recently made a startling revolation.

There are minimal to zippo photos of me in existence (which by the way suits me just fine) however, I realized this is a selfish state of affairs.

I have avoided getting my photo taken, being in photos, and any type of imaging of myself my whole life. I DO NOT PHOTOGRAPH WELL (or at least I'd like to think I can't POSSIBLY look like that). Well, I guess that IS vanity.

The second revolation I have made is that my kids love me no matter what. God bless them, they really do. My daughter actually prefers when I wear my glasses as opposed to my contacts, and would rather my lips stay lipstick free! (AS IF!) She says I look more like her mom when I'm not all spiffed up. (Lord, what did I do to deserve such a sweetie!?)

So, I realized that like it or lump it, my kids (who are 12 & 14) up until this point, have only seen family photos that include their mother's hand or elbow. They need to have photos of their mom (regardless of unphotogenicness) to have for themselves and their kids and yadda yadda yadda.

Therefore I love my kids more than life itself. Probably as much as I love knitting :) So, I decided to grow up, get a grip, realized at 44 years of age - it is what it is, and presto! a photo of me appears on my blog.


Carol said...

Awwww! You look great mama! So not what I had in mind. You pretty thang you;)

Rebekah said...

Good for you! And besides you look wonderful.

But it is good for them to have photos of their mom, I love looking back at photos of my family and knowing what they were/are like.


You look great - and I'm glad that you're knitting in the photo. x

lv2knit said...

OMG -- I am so with you on the photo thing! I think you look fab, so don't feel all self conscious....BUT that is why there are no current photos of The Rainey Sisters (except for the one with Sally and Clay Aiken). You summed it up well with, "I can't possibly look that [old]" -- I substituted my OWN word! Anyway, the Bohus I am making is the black one -- with the circular yoke just like WendyKnits is making. It will be a while, but it is on the radar screen!

lv2knit said...

PS -- you have GREAT hair!