Sunday, December 17, 2006

I think I will be making some sheep very happy

in 2007!

Once again I am making promises and resolutions

to lose weight. This year however along with

belly fat, thigh fat, and fat ass fat.... I will also attempt

to lose yarn fat. I am commiting to my weight watchers


and to Wendy's wool loss programs.

........................................It's going to be a long year!


lv2knit said...

I love your humor, Michelle! But love you as I do, you are NEVER going to see a picture of me in Anya or anything else! The ONLY picture you will see of me is the 30 year old picture on the banner of our blog.....;)


Mate, are you SURE about this yarn-loss thing??!


Me again. Did u receive my email re the Phidar Swing Jkt KAL? Are you in?
Incentive: I'll email the pattern to you but SSSSHHHHH (I don't want the copyright police to get me).

Let me know. x

Rebekah said...

OH I love that sheep!

I think many of us will be knitting from stash this year, but the year doesn't start for nearly 2 weeks. Time to increase that stash a bit :-)

Carol said...

I'm with Rebekah, I have this sufdden need to aquire large amounts of yarn. Love the sheep1 You always find the neatest pics! Did I say neat?