Wednesday, November 08, 2006

All I Want To Do Is KNIT!!!

Exhausted, just plain exhausted... It has been a hairy few weeks. My stepson's wedding on 10/7 (months of stress & preparation, not to mention $$ for the big day), hubby's b/d, halloween, mom's b/d, my b/d, AND now... the kids are home for the next 4 final projects are due in 2 of my classes- a week from Sunday... I've had 9 weeks, haven't started yet...AND my daughter's b/d is on Friday (dinner at Outback)... sleepover on Saturday... my son's got a football game on Friday... and my daughter is cheering for playoffs on Sunday.
Need I say more?


Carol said...

And I thought you just didn't love me any more...any way you can sneak in some knitting on those events?


Thanks for the good luck wishes - 1 more week to go!! x

PS: at least Xmas is NEXT month...