Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hmmm... It's been so long since I posted an actual knitting picture you'd think I was waiting for the ewe to give birth and produce me some yarn :)

Not so... Sadly there's just not much knitting progress to post. Family obligations and school in addition to aching hands, have reduced me to car knitting :(

I do have GREAT expectations however now that this weekend finally passed (family wedding) and I am once again committing to faithfully taking glucosamine & chondroitin (it does help).

I am still working on the Fibertrends Leaf Lace Shawl. Ripped the damn thing so many times, I'll probably get the heebie jeebies every time I wear it. Actually ripping it (about 8 times) has made me somewhat of a pro at memorizing the pattern.

I ordered a fab fab fab afghan pattern that I just HAD to have! Check out the "Great American Aran Afghan" knitted by an incredibly talented knitter http://www.theraineysisters.com. This will be a long term, take-a-long project. No hurry, but NEED to knit it.

I also ordered two sweater patterns that I hope to knit for myself. I still have a previous one on the needles. My 1st dishcloth is 2/3 done.

It is safe to say I am on a mission!


Carol said...

OK, now I HAVE to get the Afghan pattern. Isn't it the most artiest of artistry you ever saw? I love the sweater square, how clever is that? OK now I'll play mom on ya:
Take your medicine young lady!!!

lv2knit said...

Hi! I did make my GAAA out of Cascade 220 and it was fabulous to knit with -- and extrememly soft. You can curl up with the afghan right against your skin. If you ever have questions about the different squares let me know. I'll try to reach back into my memory and drag out a helpful tip.

Rebekah said...

That is a great afghan pattern, I've always admired it. But I just have to omany projects int he wings to even consider making it for many years.

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