Friday, September 08, 2006

Lost & Found

Nothing like some new knitting to jump start the fall season! The FiberTrends Leaf Lace shawl pattern & yummy pumpkin yarn from will be my 1st attempt at lace. The Noni bag has been waiting in my basket for quite some time and will be hopping on the needles shortly. And last but not least a moment of heartfelt camaraderie for a friend who lost her buttons! It's better than losing your marbles! :)


Carol said...

OMG! Thanks buddy! Don't tell anyone, but there may still be a few loose marbles rolling around.
I can't wait to see the lace, nice color choices too! I find that to be really hard for me (just deciding on a color). I'm itchin' to get a couple of Noni's designs, they seriously rock and the felting process is so much fun. Well Michell, we have to hold each other's hands a bit through the blog and the lace!

Rebekah said...

O can't wait to see your lace. Beware though, lace sings a siren song and once you start, you can't stop!


I've always wanted to try a Noni bag - can't wait to see it finished. x