Monday, September 18, 2006

I'll tell you why!!!

Guess what... no knitting pics..
why??... you ask
I'll tell you why!!!
Because all the knitting I did over the past 3 days has resulted in a big fat floppin' ZERO! in progress...
why?? you ask...
I'll tell you why!!!
Because the 11 rows I did on the Fibertrends Leaf Lace Shawl had to get RIPPED!!!!!!!!!! but could I just rip it back? NO... why??? you ask
I'll tell you why!!! because I had to back it off stitch-by-stitch AND then it took me about 2 hours and 4 million attempts at counting to try and figure out what row I was on.
Which leads me to the photo... The "little brown bag" was a little "pity party" gift to myself (ain't it da bomb!?). It's my new mini portable knitting tote.
Spike is just bowled over by my wit!


Carol said...

HA! You're too funny! I'm not laughing at you though and you certainly deserve a gift. So cool! Little Brown Bag! Spike makes me want to take a nap, he's so darn cute...

Roseann said...

I have been through that rip out phase with my first Flower Basket shawl which is similar to your leaf shawl. I think it is just one of those lace knitting trials that everyone goes through, it gets easier!